The Milestone Car Society was founded in 1971, in the belief that the time
had come for connoisseurs of distinctive post-war cars -foreign and domestic- to
join in one major multi-marque Society in order to better understand and enjoy
all types of cars of the first 2 post war decades.  MCS is not a rival to
the one marque clubs, in fact we try to work closely with them.  MCS is a
Society of enthusiasts whose interests transcend more than one particular make
of car.  Thus it offers a sterling opportunity to enjoy and learn about a
variety of great automobiles you normally don’t hear much about in a one Marque
Club.    These are cars that
transcend the mere act of getting from one place to another, and were built
between 1945 and 1972.

Our Mission is the preservation and enjoyment of these fine automobiles.
We want to see these cars preserved in their original configuration, maintained
properly, and driven on the roads.    Ownership of a
Certified Milestone Car is not a requirement for membership.  We welcome
all people who have an interest in these and other Milestone Era cars, and do in
fact include classes for other Milestone Era Cars in our  Concourses.
You can drive any car on one of our tours.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Club has Chapters in a few areas of
the country.  We are in a rebuilding mode and are looking to build a
chapter network from Coast to Coast and possibly Internationally as well.
This effort is just kicking off and our goal is to have contact people set up
for all major metro areas of the Country by years end.  If you are
interested in serving in this capacity, please email the webmaster

Two major events have historically been sponsored annually by the National
Organization:  The Grand National meet in July and an Annual
, which tours through different scenic parts of the country.

We will Publish a Quarterly newsletter/magazine beginning in 3rd Quarter of 2007, and will host a National Meet/Concourse in conjunction witht he Glenmoor Gathering in Canton Ohio on September 14-16, 2007. We
have established a 5 member interim Board of Directors, to get the ball rolling,
but welcome the input of any interested parties.

Feel free to visit our discussion forum and talk about anything related to
Milestone Cars, the Club, Tech Questions, etc.  by following the link below.

A big thank you goes out to Glenn Brummer who has provided
most of the images on our site (see certified cars list).

The Club has a rich history which we will highlight on this series of Pages.

The past National Presidents of the Club are:

Richard Langworth    71-72

John Olson

Thomas Behnke          74-75

Richard Langworth    75-76

John G Pecsok

Glenn Brummer          78-82

Malcolm Boone

C McCord Purdy        84-86

Tom Conron

Jack Martin

Darryl Salisbury          90-92

Robert Lennon

Don Peterson

Malcolm Boone